I like hacking on software projects, taking pictures or just listening to music. These days I spent my days (and most evenings) with Nix releated topics.

Some of my projects:

  • npmlock2nix npm-lockfile.json based Node build tooling for Nix
  • broken.sh NixOS and Nixpkgs vulnerability database
  • ipv6.watch IPv6 deployment status on some (random) public websites
  • glaskugel.io Searx instance that tunnels all search traffic through tor
  • darmstadt.io Public transit map of my home town (Darmstadt)

(Incomplete, probably forgot a few)


You can reach me via

  • IRC (nick: andi-, networks: libera, hackint, …),
  • XMPP (andi@kack.it),
  • Matrix (@andi:kack.it) or
  • email (andreas (@) rammhold.de).